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I try to correspond on a regular basis with the authors of the books I narrate. 

Here is some of the feedback I've gotten during that correspondence. 

Melanie Karsak

The Harvesting


Thank you so much for auditioning for The Harvesting. I was excited to hear your submission. I've been very particular about this project, waiting for the "right" voice to come along, since this is a planned trilogy. I would love to work with you on this project... Again, thank you for submitting such a fabulous audition. You really did fantastic with Layla's voice.

Stormy Smith

Bound By Duty


I’m loving it!! You are literally reading it exactly as I would if I were doing it. You totally get me. :)


I know I've said this before, but this was seriously amazing. It was as if you were inside my head as I was writing it. You got the sarcasm, the emotion, the was all perfect. The scene where Amelia is telling Bethany about Micah  - oh my. And that last chapter. You killed it. 

Candace Carrabus

Raver: The Horsecaller - Book 1


I've waited quite some time to find the right voice. I got excited listening to your narration--good job on the tone in terms of building suspense, and I could really feel the difference between Cirq and our world. You captured Lauren well, both her internalizations and speaking voice.

Augusta Hill

What Might Be


 I just finished listening to What Might Be, and I love your work! It is so exciting to hear it all come together. You did a fantastic job!

Alice Lovejoy Carnahan

Wolfsong in Georgia: Memoirs of a German Shepherd Dog Family


Once again I have tears in my eyes from listening to your beautiful rendition of chapters from my book.  You’d think I’d have got over that by now, wouldn’t you?


In general, it’s terrific – no surprise there! 

Gale Deitch

A Fine Fix: A Trudie Fine Mystery


Wow, KJ.

You’ve been hard at work on my book.

I listened to Chapter 10 this morning, and you have absolutely nailed the Hebrew prayer. It sounds as if you’ve been reciting Hebrew your whole life. It is perfect.

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